Welcome to hand knits for your home.
Welcome to hand knits for your home.
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About Me

Hi, hello and welcome to Strikk. Lovely to meet you, my name is Tanya.

During the day you'll find me tackling the corporporate world as a lawyer, but any other time, I'm with my needles and yarn in my bliss (eventually I will knit my way out of corporate life), with my partner and cat of 12 names (although she's called Patat most of the time). 

My love of knitting was instilled by my Norwegian grandmother (she could do anything!) - after a few mishaps (thank you to my first boyfriend who still wore the Aran jersey I knitted that was two sizes too big....), I honed my skills, developed an interior decorating obsession and focussed my knitting to all things home.

For me, home is everything (maybe because I'm far from my Cape Town roots, currently settled along Lake Geneva) - I believe every home has a story and I craft uncomplicated, heirloom designs to help colour that story with tactile knits. My blended heritage means understated Norwegian designs emboldened by South African colours and yarns - comfortably mixing tradition and modern. 

The yarns I use are predominantly blended fibres - I decided on this route as, number 1, no animal needlessly loses their beautiful wool, and number 2, the fibres stand the test of time, don't fuzz and can be gently machine washed. Simple.

But most importantly, custom orders are what I love best - I am honoured to make something specifically at home in your home.

Any questions, suggestions, bright ideas, or you just want to say 'hi, hello', please get in touch.