Hand Knits for your Home
Hand Knits for your Home
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Hi, I am Tanya Robinson.

I am a knitter by passion, a lawyer by trade, and a lover of all things handmade for the home.

I believe a home is a sanctuary (even more so now) and every home has its' own story.  I knit uncomplicated, heirloom and tactile knits that help colour that story.

My love of knitting was instilled watching my grandmother create intricate and beautiful pieces. I noticed the joy it not only gave her in the making, but also those receiving her finished items - this warmth and appreciation made me realise I wanted to learn the skill that evoked such response. 

My mixed South African - Norwegian heritage gives me the spirit to combine understated and pared back Scandi-styling with vibrant African colours and textures, to create something special.

I use blended yarns for its lasting quality, range of colours and textures, and simple care properties.

All items are made by me from beginning to end in my home in Geneva under the watchful gaze of Patat, the cat.

Custom Orders are most welcome - there is nothing quite like knitting something that holds a special place in your home.
My Grandmother would approve too.


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